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Atlantic Cold Water Lobster

Latin name: Homarus Americanus

Also known as Northern and American lobster, they are often referred as the "King of Seafood" and are definitely the pride of Atlantic Canada. They are fished in the North Atlantic waters off Canada and the U.S.

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Raw Tails

Packaging: 10 lbs

Size (oz)qty. tails/casesize (grams)
2-3 oz49+57-85 gr
3-4 oz43-5285-105 gr
4-5 oz38-42105-120 gr
5-6 oz32-36142-170 gr
6-7 oz27-32170-198 gr
7-8 oz20-23198-227 gr
8-10 oz16-20227-284 gr
10-12 oz13-16284-340 gr

Cooked Lobster Meat

Standard pack style is 6 x 2 lbs or  12 x 1 lbs.   Chemicals free.

CK lobster meat (Claws and Knuckle meat)
CKL lobster meat (Claws Knuckle and Leg meat)
TCK (Tail, Claw and Knuckle Meat)
Minced lobster meat

Whole Cooked Lobster

Hardshell lobster, cooked and individually netted.

size (oz)size (grams)
10-12 oz250-300 gr
12-14 oz300-350 gr
14-16 oz350-400 gr
16-18 oz400-450 gr
18-20 oz450-500 gr
20-22 oz500-550 gr
** large size available on request

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