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Atlantic Herring

Latin name: Clupea Harengus

Atlantic Herring is wild caught by purse seiner along the coast of New Foundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick.

Herring can be used for canning, marinating, salting, smoking, or fresh preparations.

Whole Herring

Processing: Whole Round; Fillet; Flaps according to your specifications.  Blast Frozen
Packaging: 10 kg and 15 kg cartons
Size: 100-200g; 200-300g; 300-400g

Other Herring Products

Herring ROE (Caviar)

The season runs from August to October.   Herring ROE is processed in the Atlantic Provinces fish plants.

Processing: ROE is in the sack.  Plate Frozen
Packaging:  10 x 5 lbs.  50 lbs Master cartons

Herring Milt

The seasons runs from August to October.

Processing: Plate  Frozen
Packaging:  5 x 5 lbs  - Master 25 lbs cartons

Smoked herring

The season runs all year round.

Processing:   Smoked during 5 to 6 weeks using the traditional fish smoking techniques.
Packaging: 18 lbs wooden box (8.18 kg).
Size: 81 to 120 fish per box; 61 – 80 fish per box; 61 and less fish per box.

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