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Snow crab

Latin name: Chionoecetes Opilio

In Canada, snow crab is harvested and processed throughout the Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) and Quebec.

Canada has one of the world's most respected fish inspection and quality control systems.  Canada's fish inspection and control system contributes to Canada's worldwide reputation for safe, wholesome fish and seafood products. Buyers can be assured that seafood from Canada will continue to meet the increasingly rigorous safety and wholesomeness standards required by the world's major seafood markets.

We have access to product from the following zones:

Zone 16/17 - Quebec (Gulf of St-Lawrence)

Click here to view a map of the Gulf of St.Lawrence Zones

Snow Crab Sections (clusters):

Shell-on complete shoulder with full shape –4 legs plus claw-on first leg. (Raw or Cooked)

Processing: Brine Frozen
Packaging: 30 lbs cartons
Size: 3-5 oz; 5-8 oz; 8-10 oz; 10+ oz; 12+ oz


Snow Crab Whole Cooked

Shell-on crab in its natural round form.

Processing:  N2 (Azote) frozen
Packaging: 3 KG  (Box is 5 kg; net weight in the box is 3 kg)
Size: 3P to 9P

Tomalley (Miso)

Crab paste

Processing:  Plate Frozen
Packaging: 6 units x 5 lbs;  Master carton 30 lbs

Snow Crab Parts

Legs; Arms; Shoulders; Trailer legs

Processing: Blast Frozen
Packaging: 30 lbs cartons

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