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Illex Squid

Latin name:  Illex argentinus

Illex Squid is jigger caught or trawl caught in Argentinean water.

The species is in high demand for bait in the spring snow crab season off Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

The season runs from December to March.

Processing:  Frozen at sea – Whole Round – Hand laid
Packaging: 15 kg with polybag or P.P mesh bag.   No master cartons.
Size:  40-60g (3S); under 100g (2S); 100-200g (S); 200-300g (M)

Illex Squid

Latin name:  Illex illecebrosus

Illex squid is trawl caught in eastern  Canada and USA water.

The season runs from May to October.

Processing: Frozen at sea – Whole Round – Hand Laid
Packaging: Hand packed in fiber cartons of 12/13 kg.
   Super small 40-60gr
   Small 70-140gr
   Medium 100-200gr
   Med/Large 150-200
   Large 200-300

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