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Bait Products

Since many years, International Seafood & Bait has expanded it's bait market.  We now import bait from all over the world from South America to Asia. 

We carry most of the popular fish bait in big volume.   All our fish are food grade quality and come from the best processors in Newfoundland, USA, Argentina, and Japan.    We have several reefers directly on the Shippagan wharf to provide quick and efficient service to the fishermen.   All our products are stored in cold storage in the Peninsule Acadienne area, Moncton area and Halifax area.

  • Mackerel - Scomber Scombrus (Canada;USA), Scomber Australasicus (Japan), Scomber Japonicus (Japan).
  • Herring - Clupea Harengus (Canada, USA)
  • Capelin - Mallotus Villosus (Canada)
  • Squid - Illex Argentinus (Argentina)
  • Squid - Illex Illecebrosus (USA)
  • Other
    • Yellowtails (Canada)
    • Yellowtails heads (Canada)
    • Flounder (Canada)
    • Salmon heads (Canada)
    • Blackback (Canada)
    • Red Fish (Canada)
    • Red Fish heads (Canada)
    • Cod heads (Canada, USA)

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